Why starting now?

Why learning a new language?

Young children can benefit from learning a second language in many ways. If you start them on this path early then you’re laying down solid foundations to build on as they progress through school. Research has shown that learning a new language may contribute to the development of the brain, particularly in the areas of memory, speech and sensory processing, and it can also contribute to a child’s self-esteem – even being able to use some simple words and phrases can give children a real sense of achievement. Alongside this, children will be developing vital listening skills, which will support speech and language development

Expand your child's universe

The best time to start

There’s never a wrong time to learn a language; it’s never too late and it’s certainly never too early. In fact, there are distinct advantages to early language learning. Children often seem to pick up new words and phrases effortlessly, in the same way they learn their native tongue. Their minds are capable of absorbing this new information, allowing them to quickly begin using a new language with ease and confidence.

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Lia Kurtin M.S., CCC-SLP Speech Language Pathologist

Having more than 20 years experience working with language development difficulties , Lia has a long experience working with multilingual families. Nine years ago she transitioned from working as a speech-language pathologist in schools to the home health setting. 

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