What you will be building

Our aim is to push the impact of early foreign language education further than ever before. We’re creating a new community where monolingual families can raise multilingual children and multilingual families can improve the minority language at home. This means we spend most of our time building the most effective early language learning program, figuring out how to spread the impact of early foreign language education as far as possible, and connecting that impact to new opportunities.

Who you will be building with

Our team is made up of people who love to work with children and enjoy making things easier for them and their families. We work in a flexible company .We don’t believe in a top-down, shoulder-tapping, 9–5 type culture. At Multilingualbabies, you have the autonomy to manage yourself.

What We are looking for

Primary and Early Years Educators with prior online teaching experience . Fluency in written and spoken English.
Duties and Responsibilities

*Design Lesson Plans *Create Assignments *Engage Students During Class *Provide Feedback *Assess Student Performance *Maintain Availability *Track Attendance

Skills and Qualifications
  • Leadership – online teachers are strong leaders, able to maintain virtual classroom discipline and successfully guide students through lesson plans
  • Motivational skills– online teachers use motivational skills and strategies to encourage students to learn and keep them engaged in their own education
  • Analytical skills– online teachers use analytical skills to evaluate student work and ongoing student progress.
  • Computer skills– because of the internet-based nature of the job, online teachers have excellent computer skills and can work with multiple types of computers, peripheral accessories, and software program
  • Communication skills– online teachers have strong verbal and written communication skills to instruct and educate students, grade written work, and deliver reports to parents

Class Size:

Small Groups 

Class Schedule:

Evening -GMT


1/2 Hours/Day 

Internet Speed:

Min Downloading: 20 MB/s 

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