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Who we are

Headquartered in London but servicing customers globally, Multilingualbabies (part of Olalang Ltd) wants to contribute to the development of a multilingual world and improve how we communicate around the globe! We connect learners, parents and teachers to create interest-based, small-group learning experiences that take place over video chat.

Our Story

In 2016, Olalang Ltd started developing online language businesses, focusing on one-to-one live tutoring services as a way to learn foreign languages. Since we started we have been receiving queries from families with children & teens, who are searching for a new approach to their children’s foreign language education. So we created new services to match parents needs. That is how Multilingualbabies was born.


Multilingualbabies started with one very fundamental idea: learning should be easy, playful and dynamic. Our goal is to return to the basics and the foundations of natural language learning and make the process fun and social!

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Educative online sessions

MULTILINGUAL EDUCATION is no longer only accessible  by expending very expensive tuition fees in international schools. 

LEARNING CAN BE FUN, having fun & learning a new language can be possible

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